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Investment Team

A combination of Sherlock Holmes' deduction skills, Warren Buffett's financial wizardry, and the charisma of Tony Stark. That's essentially what I bring to the table at DV. Scouting on a relentless quest for the next big thing in the startup universe. My days are a whirlwind of coffee meetings with visionary founders, deciphering market mysteries, and crafting investment spells (a.k.a. IMs) that even the partner & IC can't resist.

You'll often find me conjuring up strategies, taming risks, and making magic happen when it comes to strategic and transactional decisions. And did I mention my knack for decoding SHA, SSA, and due diligence reports? It's all in a day's work!

So, whether it's creating SPVs, rubbing shoulders with lawyers, consultants, or wielding PPT spells to showcase our fund's prowess, I'm your go-to guy. And hey, if you're up for some financial modeling fun or want to chat about the latest investment trends, feel free to drop me a note at